Tony Endelman is not a rockstar, an athlete, an actor, or a hero of any kind. He's a twenty-something guy, living in the Midwest, stumbling through life like many of us do and hoping to learn something along the way. Perhaps, that's what makes this book so wildly entertaining. I Hope There's Pie is a collection of eleven personal essays in which Endelman recounts experiences with family, friendship, depression, failure, work, sex, and drugs - and does so with such affecting honesty and utter hilarity that, by the last page, it's impossible not to feel like you've been hanging out with him for years. With a knack for turning the seemingly mundane into the vastly amusing, Tony Endelman just might be one of the next great comedic voices.



To write a memoir at the tender age of 28 is audacious. But, what transpires in this book of inequities and debauchery is something of note; the living room retellings of young adulthood gone awry - with the tone and candor of a best friend. Hysterical, true to life, easy-to-relate-to, and, unlike anything else out there. You can smell the booze and cigarette smoke tucked between these hundred and some odd pages.

- David Wexler, creator of MTV's College Life


When Tony Endelman gets bored, he tends to cause trouble. On the internet, at least he can do so under a different name. Randy Penny: Cordially F*#@ing With People Vol. 1 is the first collection of hilariously wacky and all too real email exchanges between Endelman's alter ego and people that, among other things, use the internet to sell worthless crap. The book, which is sure to make you laugh from first page to last, contains nearly 40 conversations, full-color doodles, and hardly any vulgarities.


In the grand tradition of the Lazlo Letters and Letters from a Nut comes the next generation of mess-with-their-heads correspondence, Randy Penny. This stuff is Laugh Out Loud Funny from beginning to end. No cursing, no yelling - all of it hilarious.If you don't think this book is funny - kill yourself. - Nick Griffin, comedian